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keren Kayemet

user experience I user interface
Web dashboard 

The Challenge

Keren Kayemet is an organization

that owns many small organisations

that their goal is preserving the nature.

Their software and web were unupadted

and so does their user experience

It arrived to the stage that their emplyee

didn't know how to work with their websoftware.

One of the first softwares was ordering a trip

for schools and other groups.

The challenge was to make their employee

keep using the website to book and build trips

and not to do it using excell shits.


The solution

The solution presents in the website

1- we interviews the employee whom use the website, she explained to me about the process

she needs to do

2- I built a user flow based on the empoloyee explanations

and arrived to the wire frames.

3- some things we needed to take under consideration.

-The employee need to make a special sleeping arrangements in the accommodations

- The way employees use to organize trip now


User Flow solution for ordering a trip inside kere kaymet.

Branding the systems

We used light and clean style, used colors of the nature 

each department got another color

what is mutual between all of them is the tree which arrived

in comoflage mood



Colors main and secondary color by material design



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