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mobile app

The Challenge

Sleepx is  a mobile app and a bracelet

It helps people stop snoring

using pulse from the bracelet

and record your sleeping cycle.

The challenge in this case was to make

the mobile app easy to use

explain what does the bracelet does

and make the users download the mobile app

and use it after they ordered the bracelet.

before we started to work we understood

that most of the users doesn't use the bracelet and the app because they don't understand the use of them.


The solution

The solution presents in the mobile app

a quick onboarding process

which explains how to use the mobile app

and bracelet together.

The results

30% increase in the numbers of users which engaged easily to the mobile app and the bracelet



We decided to use dark colors of sleeping

and to show night and day time in different colors

On boarding stage

Sleeping time and sleep review

Settings and Analysis

Monitor and History

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