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mobile app for elderly population

The Challenge

Starkey  is an American enterprise which dills with hearing devices, using this device

they  can check temperature of the body and other health parameters.

They wanted to create a device that will

give more value to their elderly users

other than hearing.


The solution

Mobile app which present the health status

of the user

such as temperature, heart rate and spo2.

Our solution included not just taking the health tests but also showing what is the noraml amount for each test.

Using the app the user can get a quick update

about his health state.


Our goal was to give as much data as we can

and still maintain a simple layout and big characters

so the end user 60+ years, will have no problem to navigate the mobile app


We used calm colors and very clean and simple lay out

in order to  make the data stand out.

each test got a unique color and icon.

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