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Active Aging

user experience I user interface
Web dashboard and mobile

The Problem

Many insurance companies suffer from  a-lot of payments to their elderly clients, because they are at higher risk and don't know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The AI ACTIVE AGING solution can give notification and show trends of health of high risk population to managers that run the risk managment at health insurance companies, so they will be able to give preventative solutions and benefits before the health situation of this clients is getting worth and by that save many funds.

Risk for an elderly population
suggested by the AI system of Active Aging

optional preventative solution suggested by the AI system of Active Aging

Dash Board:  Regional manager present health trends by filter of different areas in the same region and recommendations for preventative actions to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the

end client

Active Aging

The project was founded at 2023

An Ai system which helps managers in health and insurance companies

 to get remotely Ai health trends data about the patient medical situation and give preventative actions to maintain healthy lifestyle.

The Solution

The solution presents an AI system: dashboard for 3 different personas:

1 account manager 

2 regional manager

3 mobile app with benefits for the client the end user.

Mobile app: gives engagment features for the client to maintain health and wellness

mobile active2.jpg

Account manager: dashboard present: clients health by specific filters

My Part in the project and work process

Lead ux designer with 3 more team members , product manager,ceo, cto and developer.

-I did interviews for 7 exacutives and managers to start with the project

-Created a ux flow following the process a reginoal manager, account manager and end client need to use it in his everyday work life

-branding for 3 diferent devices and platforms

-information architcutre

-Wire frames

-design system 


- Usability tests


first mvp took 7 month


Account managers interviews and how we came up with part of the features for the system

1-During  interviews we understood that they need

a tool that will present them the health problems

and condition of their end clients. by different filters and parameters.

2- Regional managers need to see recommendations and trends of the health issues and upcoming preventative solutions

3- End clients needs to get some extra motivation

in order to engage and become healthier and maintain daily exercise.

Frame 78.png

Feature 1 :
After interviews I added this multiply filters feature
to the account manager dashboard

Frame 77.png

Wireframe for account manager

Screen Shot 2023-10-31 at 17.03.19.png

Feature 2:
I understood that
Regional manager
needs to see recommendation first

and trends can be displayed 
in different graphs

it's possible to see here clients by filters and benefits and approve it very fast

Feature 3:
give the end client benefit if he achieves his health goal.
I understood that
End c
lient will need to get some motivation to change to a healthy lifestyle

the way to engage the end client from the first screen is 
to give the end client benefits if he achieves his health goal.

I presented the health goal
as equal to a bag of money
and so he needs to arrive to his health goal to win the bag of money.
health goal are: weekly steps
or good blood pressure

The design challenge

How do you maintain the same design trends and build it for 3 personas and 2 different devices?

I started from creating color palette that will go well with the B2B and B2C options

The color palette

I took inspiration from other competitors in the field of insurance, after I made my research and saw that purple is being used and founders liked it, I arrived to this color palette

How do you maintain the same design style for 3 different products?

I set the same style of icons for all 3 different platforms and same style of highlight so there will be a connection between the 3 of them

Account manager features

Benefit approves, health info of the end client

Regional manager - check trends and benefits he/she can ofer

End client - mobile app- how to choose beefit and get info about your health



90% of the managers and end clients liked the product

Now the product used in a test mode in a few elederly houses

and health insurance companies


The design screens and interactive prototype

Regional manager


The design screens

for account manager


Frame 78.png
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