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The Challenge

G-medical innovation needed to have a mobile app and web portal which saves the online tests of their client from the app to the web.

The initial web portal was not showing the additional tests in a clear view, the request was to wow the client compare the old dashboards of the competitors.

In addition the request was to help with on boarding and to solve the problem of the connectivity to between the prizma  the blutooth and the sensors of the jackets which is on the back of the phone


The solution

The solution presents in the website

each test separately and clearly.

It's possible to get the full picture about a patient within 10 sec.

The mobile app is more fluent , users can easily connect Prizma jacket to their phone and start taking tests.

2 main button were added in the top of the page indicates about the conectivity  state of the Prizma. The main screen changed between tests we did swipe right

and there is a menu at the bottom which allows to see all the tests in one place.

40% increase in the numbers of users which engaged easily to the mobile app and the website


The video when first time user enter the website, explain about the platform and how to take tests. On the second time the video isn't there and the tests present. The Ecg screen is an example to a test screen and how the user get a clear view about his past and present  medical condition.

Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 20.15.05.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 20.15.27.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 20.16.23.png


We used light and clean style, used colors of the rainbow just for the different tests in the website and in the mobile app, 


First time user

enters the portal

User don't have any tests

instead there is a movie

explains what to do and a banner if he didn't take any tests using the mobile app

dashboard home first ENTER 8.1.18b.jpg
dashboard home SECOND ENTER open menus 6

Second time user

enters the portal

User can see the tests

he already took


test screen

We took the balance between

numb and stressed person

and made the balance

between the two using

scales as icon element

stress screen 8.1.18 (1).jpg